Amber Rose Explains Why She Is Divorcing Wiz

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa after a year and two months of marriage. TMZ reports Amber is aiming to gain full custody of their one year old son, Sebastian “Bash” Thomaz.

The divorce documents reveals “irreconcilable differences” as the source of the split and while no particular reason is yet confirmed, the rumor mill is screaming infidelity as the cause.

The doc confirms a prenuptial agreement between the two, which Amber is not challenging. According to the doc, the prenup provides spousal support.

Click here for the full doc.

Update: In a series of tweets Muva Bud claims she was faithful in her 14 month old marriage, but her ex-hubby—on the other hand—was not.

Earlier, Amber let out a three-tweet rant thanking supporters, asking people to stop making up stories and hinting at Wiz’s infidelity. As for Wiz, he hasn’t tweeted anything out yet. Check out Amber’s tweets below.

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