Jay Pharoah’s Rapping Is No Joke On His EP “The Resurrection”


Jay Pharoah has impersonated some of biggest rappers in the game from Jay Z to Lil Wayne. But now he’s releasing his own body of work and it’s no comedy sketch. The SNL comedian cut a new EP entitled The Resurrection. Pharoah linked up with producers like HEF Beats and HighDefRahjah to cut eight tracks featuring rapper J-Rod and his sister, singer Shaina Farrow.

While Pharoah can win over crowds with his jokes, his bars might pull in a whole new fanbase. Pharoah claimed in a recent Reddit AMA that the project is “a journey of my struggle as of right now with my spiritual base and the shifts and turns people don’t think we go through as celebrities super relatable to everyone listening.” Jay’s rapping forte is backed by several major names in the game. Pharoah also said that his top three favorite emcees include Talib Kweli, Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G. Stream and download the EP here.

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