Vin Diesel Shares “Fast & The Furious 7” Photos With Paul Walker


Earlier this morning, we were able to get a sneak peek behind the seventh installment of the Fast & The Furious franchise. Vin Diesel took to his Facebook in the early hours of the morning to share some photos from behind the scenes. Of the two photos he posted, one featured the late Paul Walker.

Since his death, the film has since resumed filming. However, the film’s script has been completely rewritten and is rumored to reflect Walker’s death. Reports have said that the crew will use CGI and body doubles to complete the necessary scenes with Walker’s character.

For loyal fans, the loss of Walker still pulls at select heart strings. The actor died in a freak car accident towards the beginning of filming FF7 back in November. While sitting in the passenger seat, the driver, Roger Rodas, lost control of the high-performance Porsche and crashed into a tree.



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