10 Reasons Amber Rose Won’t Be Single For Long [PHOTOS]

Amber Rose motorcycle

So the world of hip-hop and reality TV (you know there is a show coming from this) got hit with the left-field news that Smirnoff spokeswoman and MILF emeritus Amber Rose filed for divorce from her rapper husband, Wiz Khalifa. The couple was married on July 8, 2013 and have a young son together named Bash.

While actor Nick Cannon has shot down rumors that he was the cause of the break-up, we’re sure that Amber won’t stay single for long. Here are 10 reasons we think MuvaRoseBud will be blooming in another garden very soon.

1. Knowing how to say Happy Birthday

2. Knowing how to pull off a proper bumper pun…

3. Her respect for art

4. Knowing how to improvise when a tongue depressor is not in reach..

5. She woke up like this…

6. Twerking with the tags on = No F*Cks Given.

7. The flexibility required to take this selfie…(Where the hell are her elbows?)

8.IF she remarries she’ll have her wedding night twerk game down..

9. Being able to dress for the pool, the club and the bedroom at the same damn time

10. Knowing how to ride with no hands…

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