Man Who Kissed Will Smith Attacks Kim Kardashian In Paris [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian TMZ

Kim Kardashian was almost struck to the ground at Paris’ Fashion Week by an odd yet familiar character. According to TMZ, Kim, husband Kanye West and her mother Kris Jenner had arrived to an event Thursday when an infamous celebrity nuisance lunged at her as soon as Kim got out of the car.

Vitalii Sediuk attempted to tackle Kim and bring her to the ground. Luckily body guards were right next to the vehicle and were able to stomp Sediuk to the ground saving Kim from any further injury. For those not familiar with Sediuk, he has a brief yet notorious history of creeping and attempting to assault celebrities, usually during high-profile events.

Since 2011, Sediuk has been attempting mentally disturb the minds of celebrities like Madonna, Bradley Cooper, America Ferrera, and Adele. He was initially a media personality from Ukraine, who would gain access to media events gaining access from 1+1, his former employer. After kissing Will Smith during an interview in 2012 and charging at Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this year, he was fired from 1+1 and is apparently trying to recapture his “glory.”

Check out the official footage from the attack here.

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