Watch Yankee Derek Jeter Go Out In Style [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

MLB star Derek Jeter has been playing with—and been the face of—the New York Yankees for the past 20 years. He’s been among the best short stops in the league, winning five world series, making 18 All-Star appearances and incredible plays during each game.

Last night Jeter did it again for the last time during his final game at Yankee Stadium. Jeter’s final play in history was a winning walk-off sending the Orioles to a 6-5 loss against the The Bronx Bombers.

In case you were too busy watching Scandal and missed him trending on Twitter, here are all of the great moments you missed, but can relive…thanks to us.

Yesterday was Thursday, and what better way to celebrate than to reminisce…

Like a true boss.

A friendly reminder.

And it begins…

Yankees fans ain’t got NO worries.

It’s okay to get emotional…

Let’s go Jeter!

Ladies and gentlemen…Derek Jeter for you.

This is the perfect last-game-ever fairy-tale ending.

Again, in case you missed it all.

“Don’t cry for me New York.”

Quite the night isn’t enough of a description. The night was epic!

It’s a celebration b*tches! 

Jeter’s final ‘game face.’ 

Historical moments.

Someone should frame this.

That is a whole lot of times to be mentioned.


Yea…last night really happened.

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