Chris Rock & Kevin Hart Roast Derek Jeter [VIDEO]

Chris Rock Jeter Funny or Die

Yankee great Derek Jeter played his last game in pinstripes this week and went out in style. Comedians Kevin Hart, Chris Rock and Will Ferrell got together to say goodbye to number 2 in the way only they could.

“Hey I’m here to cheer up the Captain, Derek Jeter,” says Rock, sporting a Yankees cap. “Now Jete, I know you didn’t get a lot of love this season. But I just want you to know that no matter what happens, you will always be remembered as a pretty good player. You were good. Pretty good.”

Kevin Hart decided to pile on with some incoherent celebratory birthday wishes.

“Hey, happy 60th birthday. Heard that was a big one for you! And you blew out all the candles. That’s impressive to me, because you don’t have a lot of air…because you’re old. More importantly, congratulations on getting to the championship this year!”

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