The 5 Weirdest Moments From Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” Video

Young Thug Danny Glover Video

The last Lethal Weapon film was released in 1998, six years after Young Thug was born, so shout out to the Atlanta rapper for keeping up with the classics. However, we’re not sure how Roger Murtaugh would respond to this video for “2 B’s” aka “Danny Glover.”

Forget that this video came out for a song released nine months ago, the dark, side-eye worthy imagery might send the Sarg into early retirement. Here are five moments that are sure to either haunt your dreams or inspire your Halloween costume.

1.) The glory hole gauntlet shot. We’re gonna let you finish, but Kanye was the best disembodied hand massage recipient of all times…

Young Thug DG 2

2.) The Chocolate Rain shot. Forecast calls for clogged drains and extensive therapy. 

Young Thug Danny Glover 3

3.) This undercover Revlon product shot. He nailed it.

Young Thug Danny Glover 3 red nails

4.) The Birdman threatening an organ shot. We hope it pays off  its debt soon or there will be a baby grand piano somewhere missing a parent.

Young Thug Baby Piano Gif

5.) The creepy ski-mask shot. Someone get Antoine Dodson on the line, we have found the bedroom intruder.

Young Thug Danny GloverMask Gif

Danny Glover sent in this exclusive response….

Danny Glover Too Old Small

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