Every Song Big K.R.I.T. Has Listened To In The Past 2 Years


I decided to ban hip-hop over the weekend for a reason unbeknownst even to myself. I won’t go as far as saying I grew tired of hearing people rap over cool beats…I just wanted a break from it, but I ran into a slight problem upon making my rash decision. What in the world would I listen to now? Rolling Stones? Yea I could do that. Etta James? Of course, but who else…? I wanted some good music, and thanks to my friend Big K.R.I.T. I got just that. If you follow K.R.I.T.’s social media, specifically his Instagram account, you’re familiar with his versatile music selection.

Thanks to the Mississippi bred rapper my football filled weekend was spent listening to some awesome tunes by greats such as Bobby Womack, Willie Hutch and of course UGK among others. The Smoker’s Club OG even put me on to The Black Keys who, pre-K.R.I.T.’s Instagram, I had never heard. And then there was Curtis Mayfield, who I haven’t revisited in YEARS for absolutely no excusable reason. To say the least, it’s very refreshing to listen to something out of the norm and even more refreshing knowing one of your favorite rappers does the same. Below is a collection of every song listed on Big K.R.I.T.’s Instagram and believe me when I say there are some gems here.  K.R.I.T.’s a soulful brother whose got impeccable taste in music so if your ears are looking for a shift in gears the collection below is just what you need.





























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