7 Quotables From Talib Kweli’s Defense Of Lauryn Hill


No matter how much time passes, the music of Lauryn Hill will remain classic, not only in hip-hop but in music overall. However, a recent article in Medium claims that we shouldn’t care about Lauryn Hill or her music anymore. Writer Stefan Schumacher uses her recent shows and appearances (which he clearly had a bad experience with) as leverage to support his claim that she hasn’t been relevant for more than a decade.

Talib Kweli didn’t take this article lightly.

In fact, the Black Star rapper responded with his own article about the former Fugees singer. Kweli comes to Hill’s defense with a backlash that plays against Schumacher’s rant. “It’s finally time to stop letting folks from outside of our community tell us how to feel about Lauryn Hill,” Kweli said to start things off. After discussing his own experiences with Hill and Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) during their Black Star days, Kweli made some great points that can be applied towards any classic artist that is still thriving in the music business today.

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