6 Things We Just Learned About Bodega Bamz In 97 Seconds

In honor of Spanish Heritage Month—which oddly falls between Sept. 15-Oct.  15—Hot 97 featured Bodega Bamz on their latest episode of “97 Seconds.” You’d think a minute and 37 second interview would fall short from revealing any good details, but on the contrary. Below are six things we learned from Bodega Bamz in merely 97 seconds.

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1. My Spanish is better than his (just saying).

2. Bodega Bamz was not always “Bodega Bamz.” During the process of changing his name he made a record titled “Welcome to Bodega Bamz” about a man who works in a Bodega. Let’s just say the name stuck.

3. He’s half Dominican and half Puerto Rican. His father is Dominican.

4. Bodega Bamz grew up in Spanish Harlem, NY. 

5. His favorite Spanish meal is piñon, a casserole like dish made with ground beef, eggs, plantains and of course Adobe seasoning. 

6. His favorite Spanish artist is Marc Anthony, who is also from El Barrio a.k.a. Spanish Harlem. 

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