THE DIARY: Remy Ma Remembers Her First Days Of Freedom

Remy Ma Dj Khaled

Words By Mr. Mecc, Photos Remy Ma’s Instagram

34-year-old Reminisce Smith, aka Remy Ma is grateful. Even sitting in an office and taking a break from a full day of photo shoots, business inquiries and press interviews, the rapper still borderline blushes like a schoolgirl when greeted with the words “Welcome Home.” Although she’s been home since August 1st and has had to hear those two words repeated thousands of times by every industry exec, fan and family member she’s come across, if you ask her if she’s heard it too much, she’ll tell you with the sweetest smile, “Not enough.”

Makes perfect sense. After all, back in 2008, the Bronx MC was convicted of intentional assault after an argument with Makeda Barnes Joseph over a missing 3 grand led to Remy accidently shooting Joseph in the stomach. After serving an over six-year sentence (scaled back from eight) in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, “Welcome Home” is a good way to remind her that her freedom has truly arrived, a concept that’s been slow to sink in since her release. “Everybody’s jumping out their cars… ‘Oh God, I’m so happy!’ and things like that… And it was just surreal,” she says of her first free moments. “I still didn’t grasp it… like ‘aight… I’m not in prison anymore; I’m not in my cell. I don’t have guards telling me what to do…’ I’m just sitting in a Lamborghini like, ‘Ok this is different.’ It just didn’t seem real.”

August 1, 2014

We’ve all been stuck at work or in a classroom with that “Not going anywhere?”  feeling Snickers made famous at one time or another. We make plans about what we’re going to eat, who we’re going to see and things we can’t wait to do and Remy was feeling that times ten. But after serving a half-dozen years, and enjoying a shower where she “didn’t have to germicide it down and wear slippers” Remy’s well-earned plans for fun-time went out the window with one phone call. “I had called Khaled and I had asked him if he was still in the studio and he said yeah and I was like, cool, I’ma come through.” Her family and friends, including her husband, Rapper Papoose,  couldn’t believe it and, along with her would- be producer, urged her to reconsider. “He was like ‘But you just came home! What have you been home… like an hour?’ and I was like ‘Right!’” She laughs, imagining the look on his face while mimicking his voice – “’Nah, I think you should, you know, rest…’” she says smiling before sharing her rebuttal. “I’ve been resting for six and a half years. I’m coming over!”

August 2, 2014

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