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A Complete History Of Charlamagne Tha God & Peter Rosenberg’s Beef

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Charlamagne Tha God is known for his loud personality. The co-host of “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show” isn’t one to hold back on any of his feelings—not on the radio and surely not on Twitter. The same could be said of Hot 97’s radio personality Peter Rosenberg. Now, put these two characters in a room together with a hint of finely seasoned beef and—okay maybe that’s not a great idea…

Radio beef is inevitable; two stations and lots of unique personalities. You do the math. Hot 97’s legendary Funk Master Flex and Power 105.1’s DJ Clue take the gold for notable Power VS Hot radio beef, but Rosenberg and Charlamagne come at a close second. While I’m not exactly sure what started the entire thing I did get to its early beginnings. It looks like this might just be your typical radio beef, just because. After all, there can only be one great!

Below is a full history of Charlamagne The God and Peter Rosenberg’s beef to date. Will it ever end? Who knows, but after going hard for over four years why stop now?

December 22, 2010, Charlamagne’s “Donkey Of The Day” Honor Goes To Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg

During Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K Foxx’s morning show (back in 2010) there was a careless comment made by Cipha towards Haitian women, which he was suspended for. Charlamagne didn’t take the comment lightly and put the station on blast while going on one of his infamous “Donkey Of The Day” rants.

June 4 2012, Peter Rosenberg Gets “Donkey Of The Day” AGAIN

This time Charlamagne awards Rosenberg the “Donkey Of The Day” award for criticizing Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” during Summer Jam only moments before she was supposed to hit the stage. The Breakfast Club publicly took Nicki’s side and even had her appear on their show.

June 11 2012, Rosenberg Calls Out Charlamagne For Making A Fake Story

Earlier that morning, The Breakfast Club addressed Funkmaster Flex allegedly beating his wife and radio host Steph Lova. Meanwhile, over on Hot 97, Peter Rosenberg fired some shots right back claiming Charlamagne Tha God tried to hit on his at-the-time co-host K Foxx while on the set of “Hip Hop Squares.” Rosenberg proceeded to read an email sent from Charlamagne to K Foxx, asking her out on a date. A mortified K Foxx sat beside Rosenberg hands in her face.

June 14 2012, Rosenberg Calls Charlamagne “Corny”

Rosenberg is not a fan of Power 105 at all. He speaks of The Breakfast Club specifically saying, ” they built their show off inopportune things that happens to us,” targeting Charlamagne specifically throughout the rant. He continues to express his dissatisfaction for the station by reminding viewers that Hot 97 “fathered this sh*t.”

July 2012, Rosenberg Puts Charlamagne On Blast For Being Smushed By Busta Rhymes 

During a Melanie Fiona party in L.A., rumors surfaced that Busta Rhymes and Power 105.1’s Charlamagne Tha God were involved in an altercation, and while Busta later cleared up the reports, he admitted there was indeed a confrontation. Of course, Rosenberg wasn’t going to let that one slide.

All the ass kissing you’ve done to Nicki Minaj did not help out when it came to her label mate having to put finger to forehead, lunchroom style!

November 2013, Rosenberg Calls Out Charlamange on Twitter—We’re Not Surprised 

According to Rosenberg, Charlamagne’s Q&A with Kanye was nothing more than internet trolling come to life. We all know Rosenberg doesn’t hold his tongue, so he took it to Twitter to share his opinion on The Breakfast Club co-host’s interview style.


Check out Rosenberg’s Kanye interview on Juan Epstein below.

September 2014, Charlamagne Sub-Tweets Rosenberg

It’s been a while, but the beef has resurfaced. The two radio personalities exchanged a few direct and indirect jabs on Twitter yesterday after Peter Rosenberg aired some of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s “dirty laundry.” Check out what Rosenberg had to say below.

To be fair Rosenberg was trying to clear the air and confirm that Rose was not the cheater. He was simply stating facts, but Power 105’s Charlamagne Tha God wasn’t feeling the PSA.

Apparently Rosenberg caught wind of Charlamagne’s sub-tweet because he replied saying, “@cthegod lol life lessons from a morally corrupt lowlife  Go back to kissing corporate ass and not contributing to hip hop.” The tweet was later deleted, but thanks to VladTV there’s a screenshot to serve as proof. Rosenberg didn’t delete these tweets, however: 

Charlamagne continued by tweeting the following: 


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