The Plot Thickens In Fan’s Lawsuit Against A$AP Rocky


A$AP Rocky is trying to emerge from the hot water he’s been swimming in for the past several months by defending his innocence this week. Earlier this year, the face of the A$AP Mob was sued by a disgruntled fan who claims Rocky struck her “in a brutal, unprovoked attack” while he was making his way through a crowd at “Made In America.”

According to TMZ, Rocky has filed new legal documents that claim he never touched the woman and suggest that it was the rowdy crowd that might have slapped her as he was making his way through. He also claims that “Wade knew there could be trouble in such a crowded setting.”

It definitely seems like he’s trying to pawn off the blame on the crazy mob of fans that followed him out of the concert. However, this isn’t the first time Rocky has been accused of inflicting violence upon his fans. During a show in Germany, Rocky almost cut his set short when his hat went missing during a performance. Rocky wasn’t standing for it at all when his hat got tried again at a show in Sydney, Australia by a female fan. Rocky smacked her clear across the face and it was caught on video.

Now the question is, did Rocky really hit this fan? Check out the plaintiff, Lisamarie Wade, tell TMZ about the violent encounter here.

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