Rugs For Rap Heads: The Best Selections Of Def Rugs

bad boy rug

Def Rugs is quite simply one of the illest things hardcore rap heads will ever find on the internet. Imagine walking into your crib and having a plush Public Enemy rug to dig your toes into. Each piece strikes the perfect balance between luxury and street style, incorporating classic logos into extravagant, one of a kind rugs.

Erick Sermon partnered with Fox Floors to put together Def Rugs, based in New Jersey. Their pieces are more than just accessories; they’re portals to a purer time in hip-hop, when indie labels ruled and massive crews ran the gamut from chess players to Timb stompers. The aesthetics were bold, the rhymes were fat and the music was revolutionary, and these rugs capture that aura.

Now, Def Rugs has started selling their pieces on eBay. You can check out each new design on Facebook and Instagram and make individual requests via email, but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we picked out 10 of the freshest designs we could find. From Naughty By Nature to KMD, these are the Best Selections of Def Rugs.

1. Lo Life

Lo Lifers, for those unaware, are people dedicated to rocking the flyest (and rarest) Polo gear at all times. For those heads, Def Rugs put together a vintage insignia that signifies your membership into the Lo Life crew.

lo life rug

2. Naughty By Nature

Graphic designer Mark Weinberg made this classic logo in the style of a kid’s writing, and it translates to fabric perfectly.



3. Big Pun

The Jordan logo alone is iconic, but replace him with Big Pun and it takes on a whole new humor. Peep how Pun even had a mic in his hand. This is for the sports and rap enthusiast.

big pun logo

4. Cold Chillin’

There’s an alternate Cold Chillin’ rug that’s simply rectangular, but this one looks like a 45, and it has Kool G Rap’s name on the bottom, so it’s the obvious choice.

cold chillin


How can you forget that yellow and orange color scheme? Seeing it takes you right back. Pay tribute to Jane with this unforgettable piece.


6. Onyx

Another logo that represents the indelible mark it’s group left on hip-hop. Dance floors were never the same after Onyx slammed the scene, and their pugnacious logo is a constant reminder of their unique energy.


7. A Tribe Called Quest

Tribe’s logo is rarely packaged with the group’s historical importance, for whatever reason. The line style of the late Dave Scilken recalls Keith Haring, while the image seems to be of four people in line with one another.


8. KMD

There’s so much more contained within this logo than words can describe. KMD was ahead of it’s time as a complex group dealing with racism in subversive and humorous yet also very serious ways. Their logo encapsulates their message – death to stereotypes.


Kausing Much Damage

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9. Nervous Wreck

Depicting what is perhaps one of the greatest record label logos ever sketched, this rug communicates the fun that comes from listening to Nervous Wreck records.



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10. Delicious Vinyl

Another timeless logo, for when you want to eat your records instead of dodging them. This is clean but probably not as practical, given the fact it’s all white.


Finally replaced my old kitchen rug. #DeliciousVinyl

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