Homeless Chicago Man Lands Record Deal Thanks to YouTube

A former homeless man landed a record deal after being discovered in a Chicago train station. Joseph Lane, who goes by SoLow RedLine, was making a mere $40 dollars a day rapping in train stations across Chicago. He told his story through his rhymes and caught the attention of another Chicago rapper named Cordell Hunter.

Last month, Hunter recorded Lane spitting bars in the train station and posted it to his Facebook asking fans if he should sign him to his indie label Wicked Entertainment. Soon after the video hit the web, SoLow’s rap went viral.

SoLow’s first album Started From The Bottom released via Wicked last week and is reportedly the top-selling product on the site.

Along with the seven-track album, a GoFundMe page has been started to help find SoLow a new home. Sources say that after the first day, at least 33 donations were made raising $500. Now after four days, the page has raised over $1,000 with 53 donations.


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