Aural Sex: What You Need To Know About The Pornhub Records Deal


Adult movies and music go together like tequila and drunk-dialing, so it wasn’t really a shock when it was announced that fap-friendly site Pornhub.com was going into the music making business. They kicked things off with their first signee, hip-hop vet Coolio and the “Gangster’s Paradise” maestro dropped his first video, “Take It To The Hub,” which has already grabbed over 800,000 views on the site.

Pornhub Vice President of Marketing Corey Price is excited about their new venture and plans to expand their roster through a nationwide talent search.

“We’ve been approached by all sorts of people at this point. Adult stars, as well as mainstream celebs, music producers, sound engineers etc,” he tells WatchLOUD.com. “It’s been a work-in-progress so far, so we’re pretty happy with where we’ve come getting everything off the ground.”

However, with so many record labels folding and consolidating, it feels like a weird time to be breaking into the music business. But Price is confident in Pornhub’s timing.

“This is the perfect time because we’ve seen the power of what our platform can do. We’ve worked with musicians and artists in the past who’ve released songs on our platform, and the general reception and response to those tracks were immense with hundreds of thousands of views within a week or two,” says Price. “That said, there’s been a ton of talk that streaming media and digital access to music have been trumping more established methods of music purchases. Services like Spotify and Pandora have proved that already, which means that there’s already a precedent. Add to that an already built-in audience on our site – we have more than over 40 million viewers a day – and it’s evident that we have an ideal formula for success these days.”

With adult Entertainers like PinkyXXX already making the move into the music arena, signing someone like her would seem like a no-brainer, but Price is keeping all of his options open.

“Her music definitely fits with the content we’re looking for,” he says of the rump shaker with the rosé mane. “But apart from that, all I can say is that she’s more than welcome to submit a song to our song search page and throw her hat into the running for artists being considered. As long as you’re talented – regardless of whether you’re an adult entertainer or not – and can provide us with music that’s in line with what the requirements state, then we’ll consider you. We are looking to sign people that have musical talent, not strictly porn stars. So, I don’t want to set any expectations or make it seem like we’re favoring adults stars in any way.”

So even if your spit game is not about swallowing you have a real shot of winning a deal with Pornhub Records.  For more information on their song search contest CLICK HERE.

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