VERSE BEHAVIOR: Tonedeff Explains Lyrics From His “Hunter” EP



Tonedeff represents what I love most about hip hop. Before much of what we know now as “rapping” today, there was a time where it was all about the bars, and who really had it – and Tonedeff really has it. He’s one of the originators of the fast flow, you know, the one a lot of artists have claimed they’ve influenced the game with. He’s easily one of the greatest lyricist you’ll ever hear. The thing this, you may not have heard much because although he’s been active in this rap shit for a while, he’s just now prepping his sophmore album.

Hunter is the third of four EP’s that will culminate into Polymer, Tonedeff’s upcoming LP where he showcases all sides of himself as a rapper and as a man as well. Previously there was Glutton, an EP dealing with “excess and addiction.” Then there was Demon, which deals with “the concept of anxiety, mortality, and time management.” Now we have Hunter, which deals with “delusion, self-worth, and competitive nature.” Hunter features Tonedeff pulling no punches, telling his story from a first person perspective of what it’s been like dealing with the bitch that can be the music industry.

WatchLOUD.com spoke with Tonedeff about the lines in this week’s Verse Behavior and he had a lot to say. With that said, let’s take a look at the best moments from Tonedeff’s Hunter EP…

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