10 Things We Learned About Tinashe During Her Interview With The Breakfast Club

Tinashe sat down with The Breakfast Club (excluding DJ Envy) for a few words. They talked about her upcoming debut album, Aquarius, her hit single “2 On” and what exactly it means to be “2 On.” Tinashe and Yee also spent a greater portion of their time attempting to right Charlamagne’s poor pronunciation of the singer’s name. Luckily Tinashe wasn’t tripping over Charlamagne butchering her name and was in the best of spirits. Yee and Charlamagne dove into Tinashe’s early career, boys and her roots. Here’s everything we learned about Tinashe during her interview with The Breakfast Club.

  1. Tinashe is a Zimbabwean name that translates to “We are with God.” Her full name is Tinashe Kachingwe.
  2. Tinashe’s father was born in Zimbabwe and came to the states at age 7. Her mother is Danish, Irish and Norwegian. What a mix!?
  3. After much debate over what exactly it meant to be “2 On,” Tinashe clarified. It means to be “too buzzed or too faded, but in a good way” she admits. “It’s about being super ‘turnt’d up.’
  4. Tinashe, 21, is the oldest of 3. Her parents noticed her niche in entertainment at an early age, which encouraged the family’s move to L.A.
  5. Before music Tinashe landed a role on Two & A Half Men. She reports that Charlie Sheen was very professional and always on time. Contrary to popular belief, he never once offered her a line of coke.
  6. Tinashe’s start in music started in a manufactured girl groups called “The Stunnas.” She had nothing to do with the group’s name. At 18, Tinashe went solo and at 19 signed her first solo deal with RCA Records.
  7. “Pretend,” her latest song featuring A$AP Rocky is about the kind of relationship that is at its final stages. It’s over, but you’re not ready to let go. Don’t you hate it when that happens?
  8. Tinashe worked on her debut album, Aquarius (out now) for two years. Her favorite track is “Cold Sweat,” which dives into the pressures faced by a woman in the spotlight as herself.
  9. Her fans are referred to as #TeamTinashe and they go pretty hard.
  10. The four qualities Tinashe looks for in a man are 1) Loyalty, 2) Honesty, 3) Respect and 4) Understanding, especially of her life. Fellas, take note…


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