Dee Day Calls Out All The “InstaStars” Who Stunt Hard For The Gram

If you’re active on Instagram, then you’ve seen all the ratchets poppin’ bottles in the clubs and have your favorite filter to make any picture look like a professional portrait. We’re fully aware of the abundance of exaggerated photos users post to spice up moments from their everyday lives, or so we think. But now rapper Dee Day has coined a new term for these IG posers, from the hungry video vixens to all the struggle rappers ballin’ with one-dollar bills in the strip clubs.

In the animated short flick for “InstaStars,” Dee Day calls out the dudes that pose hardbody in front of their partner’s car or smoke on reggies while trying to pass it off as fire green just for the Gram. Ladies are just as guilty as he exposes all the fugly women who cake on make-up and choose just the right filter to make them look fly. Check out the hilarious video here.

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