THE DIARY: Skyzoo & Torae Talk Broken Arms And Super Fans On European Tour

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Touring is the lifeblood of any entertainer, but especially for practitioners of the Bronx-based poetic arts. MC’s Skyzoo and Torae have been recording and performing separately for almost a decade now, but this year released their first joint project, Barrell Brothers. At the end of the summer the two Brooklyn born lyricists embarked on a European tour with Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill, collectively known as Ugly Heroes. 

In the next session of WatchLOUD’s “The Diary” Sky and Tor give us an inside look at their 20-plus city jaunt through Europe.

August 1st, JFK Airport: Easy To Fly

Next stop the Czech Republic! Barrel Brothers x Ugly Heroes Euro Tour 2014 starts now!

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Skyzoo: We deal with a booking agency in Europe called Mind Feederz. We’ve been rocking with them for a long time now and they’re based out of Berlin, Germany and have Europe on lock as far as bringing artists out there and treating them right. They’re like family at this point. When they set us up– whether it’s individually or together– I’m not worried about anything. When it comes to the shows, we don’t pick which cities we want to go to, they run around with the promoters and venues and bring it to us. They let us know which markets make sense, etc.

Torae: This tour started at Hip-Hop Camp. There’s 100s and 1000s of tents where people sleep out.  So they wanted to book a tour around it instead of coming out for one show. That being said we still didn’t hit all of the markets we wanted to hit.

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