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The Ghostwriter Quiz: Who Really Wrote These Rap Songs?


Few mysteries are as alluring as that of the ghostwriter in hip-hop. It’s not like the process of songwriters penning hits for vocalists is unique to rap, because it’s certainly not, but it attracts a lot of attention in hip-hop because artists are so hung up on authenticity. If someone didn’t write the words you’re spitting….that’s kind of phony, isn’t it?

But that’s a discussion for another time.  Today, we look back at songs famously known to be written by people other than the performer. Dr. Dre has probably never written a verse in his life, judging by the talent surrounding him throughout his career. Jay-Z and Nas probably have more songwriting credits than most are aware of. Even Kendrick is suspected of writing a verse or two for some elders.

To test your knowledge of ghostwriters in rap, we put together a quick quiz that asks you to identify the true writer of these next 15 songs. Let’s see how many behind the scenes facts you know.

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