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Brace Yourself: This Is A “Madvillainy 2” Update


Here at WatchLOUD, we don’t take Madvillainy 2 “updates” lightly. The last time Peanut Butter Wolf posted an alleged email from DOOM saying MV2 was “just about done,” only to later reveal that it was an April Fool’s joke (not funny dog), we almost had a heart attack. So we bring this news to you with the utmost care – and a very fragile heart.

Bonafide Mag scored a sit-down interview with Madlib and in the middle of their talk, in walks the Villain himself. You have to cop the physical issue to read the entire interview, but they did let go of some snippets from the conversation – and naturally, one of them was about the long-awaited sequel to the duo’s classic 2004 album:

What’s up with Madvillainy 2?
Madlib: We got some songs (laughs).

DOOM: I mean we got a lot of it done already, part of that’s why we’re meeting up now to discuss some of that. It’s in effect but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when.

Madlib: Can’t rush with this kind of thing, especially after the first one.

DOOM: It’s the follow up, without over thinking it though, it’s a continuation, ain’t gotta’ be better or worse. Where y’all last left off at, next episode. We got a lot of songs done. Two or three more songs and it’s wrapped up.

Let’s be clear – in no way shape or form do we believe a word from either of these recluses. For years now they’ve been giving fans different versions of the same story – Madlib is waiting on DOOM, DOOM is waiting on Madlib, both of them are waiting for the second coming of Christ, blah blah blah. But the fact that these two are in the same physical space together, as they were in the Bomb Shelter for the first Madvillain LP, means there’s progress, however gradual.

Then again, don’t hold your breath.

Spotted at OKP.

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