6 Things We Learned About Casey Veggies From His ‘Where I’m From’ Documentary

JAY Z’s Life+Times and vitamin water® followed Inglewood, CA rapper Casey Veggies for the latest installment of their “Where I’m From” mini documentary series. Previous episodes include Hit-Boy and SZA, who also rep the West Coast.

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The episode details Casey’s close relationship with his father, Casey’s ambitions, and a rare clip of Casey rapping on his laptop back in 2007. The California rapper shares the story of how he got hit by an Expedition while crossing the street at age 7—one he will never forget. We also get an exclusive look inside the Odd Future Store as well as a glimpse of him and Tyler, The Creator ‘back in the day.’

Early in the clip we watch Casey Veggies speaking with father, who he describes as supportive and encouraging. Casey describes Poppa Casey as the reason for his focus.

1. “He always held me down. He wanted me to play sports, and I thank him keeping me into sports because that kept me working and focused on something.”

Casey talks of his future successes and dives into the man who inspired him to do more than rap; Pharrell Williams.

2. “When you build something the right way and it’s not like an overnight success I think, people, they respect it. I always looked at Pharrell Williams and Nigo and how they had Bape, BBC—and Pharrell, he was a producer, he was an artist and he had a clothing line. So I’m like ‘yo, if Pharrell can do all this sh*t, I can do way more than just rap.”

Following the release of one of his mixtapes, Veggies began working closely with friends Joshton Peas and Anwar Carrots to help establish PNCINTL, better known as Peas & Carrots International. In this episode of “Where I’m From” he talks of the brand.

3. “As a brand (Peas & Carrots) it’s so natural and I think it represents what’s needed. We’re putting out something good to the world.

Casey uses Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, The Creator as references for the type of impact he wants to make on his city.

4. “I definitely want to represent my city. I want to shed light on my city and the only way to do that is to blow up and become a star  You can change the whole city just off what you can do…Everyone we got is just taking matters into their own hands, and I think that’s definitely what my goal—what I’ve always tried to do is make sure I represent the youth.”

Casey elaborates on the aim of “Peas & Carrots.” And I’m not only agreeing with him on this one because I’m a vegetarian. Vegetables really are good for you.

5. “Vegetables are good for you. Vegetables good for your soul. They’re good for your mind and your body. Everything we have to offer is organic. It’s natural. We’re not trying to fit it. If we were trying to fit in, we wouldn’t name out sh*t ‘Peas & Carrots. If I was trying to fit in I wouldn’t name myself ‘Casey Veggies.'”

Veggies ends the documentary by offering a golden piece of advice for his audience and I couldn’t agree more.

6. “Stay gold through it all. Stay golden. It means don’t hide. Don’t be in a box. Be bright. Shine. Be you.”

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