10 Things We Never Knew About Funkmaster Flex


Funkmaster Flex is a veteran in radio, but while he’s chopped it up with some of the legends in the game, he’s never been the subject of an in-depth interview until now. Juan Epstein, a podcast run by Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, hosted a very special live episode featuring Flex in Brooklyn. Rosenberg and Ciph talked to Flex about the early days of his career, from breaking into the scene with Chuck Chillout to landing his position at Hot 97.

The two-hour interview let us in on a lot of background history like his family life and his first break as a popular DJ in the clubs. Coming from a Jamaican family in the Bronx, Flex’s parents “sheltered” him as a child but he broke free once he discovered the art of DJing. He explained how the Zulu Nation and the Cool Crush Brothers influenced his career and shared a few notable stories of his early days with DJ Red Alert, Slick Rick, and DJ Magic.

Did you ever wonder where he got his moniker from or how he really got his break in radio? We broke down the facts that most of the public doesn’t know about the legendary DJ, from his amateur days to his other career goals. Click below to find out what you didn’t know about Funkmaster Flex.

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