Impatiently Waiting: 11 Rap Albums That May Never Drop


There are plenty of publicized concepts for rap albums that are either collecting dust on a shelf or haven’t even been recorded yet. While the artists aren’t fazed, the fans are still keeping up their hope for an album that supposedly will be released—one day. Isn’t it time to just let go?

We’ve recently heard new work from MF DOOM with Bishop Nehru, but what ever happened to that joint album with Ghostface Killah? We finally got an update about Madvilliany 2, but it doesn’t seem like the Ghostface collaboration is happening any time soon.

Listen, we all know Detox is never going to happen and the possibility of a Blackstar album at this point in time is slim to none. So since it’s most likely we won’t get albums from the likes of OutKast, The Clipse or Jay Electronica, we should consider moving on and not dwell on ever hearing some epic bodies of work. Hip Hop Wired has listed more rap albums that may never see the light of day. To read the rest, click here.

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