Courting The Kardashians: A History Of Every Man The Kardashian-Jenners Have Dated



There’s one thing the Kardashian clan is best known for (aside from Kim’s big booty) and that’s the men that come and go in their lives. After Kim and Ray J‘s infamous sex tape went viral the family name continued to make headlines. In addition, they’ve even got their own reality TV show, which has aired a total of eight seasons to date. Any time a Kardashian-Jenner allows a new man to steal their hearts we not only hear about it, but get to see it on national television. That is, unless TMZ gets a hold of the couple first.

The line of men is extensive in the lives of Kim and Khloe. But the same can’t be said of their oldest sister Kourtney, who’s kept one man under her belt for years. However, it now seems Kim and Khloe’s dating patterns are beginning to influence baby sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner. I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of all the men that have graced Kim and her sisters’ hearts—and probably pants. Bear with us and fellas take note. Here’s the official guide to ‘Courting the Kardashians.’

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