Aziz Ansari Offers Rappers A Catchy Hook For Their Next Big Hit

Comedian Aziz Ansari, who performed in front of a packed house at the Madison Square Garden last night, stopped by Cipha Sounds‘ show on Hot 97 earlier this week. He touched on the recent book deal he landed with Penguin Press, where he’ll dive into modern dating and basic issues for single people because of technology.

When asked about his favorite rappers Aziz admits to none. After all he’s getting old and doesn’t get out much—his words, not mine. When Ciph asks Aziz his thoughts on Ty Dolla $ign, Aziz gave a perplexed face. But at the 19:13 mark Aziz makes an offer for rappers looking to collab.

This is a song you play when you’re like ‘you know what, we’re not going out, we’re taking it easy. We’re grown, we don’t need to go to the club,” says Aziz before singing the chorus to what might just be the next radio hit.

The clip below, from his “Dangerously Delicious” bit available on Netflix, is an example of how Aziz thinks technology makes dating complicated. He’s right…

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