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Juicy J is Being Sued For Every Cent Made Off “Bandz A Make Her Dance”


In 2012 Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” became an instant turn-up hit in nightclubs and strip clubs across the nation. The video has reached over 34 million views on YouTube. But now due to a new lawsuit, the former Three 6 Mafia rapper is at risk of losing all profits made off the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced hit.

The short film’s producer, Mahad Dar and Creative Dream Productions (CDP), filed the lawsuit this week against Juicy J and his label Columbia Records for copyright infringement for the video. Sources say that an agreement to officially sign over the copyrights to the footage from the video was never made with Juicy or his label.

In August 2012, Dar and CDP were contacted by Juicy J to make the video for “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” which would feature 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, and have it completed in two days. After location scouting, casting extras, securing trailers for the stars, and obtaining craft services, Dar received a call that Lil Wayne wouldn’t make it. This made him believe that the entire shoot was off and ended up losing the original location he had already secured.

An hour later, he got another call saying that Wayne would make it but he needed a trailer to watch the Olympics, which was provided. Dar was the main photographer for the shoot, which finally went down on Aug 26th 2012. Dar is still considered the sole owner of the video footage. According to the lawsuit, there was supposed to be a deal made between him and Juicy J about money then he would sign over over the copyrights to the Taylor Gang rapper.

However, no agreement of any kind was ever made by Juicy J or Columbia Records. Eventually, the label released the video without Dar’s permission and now they are seeking direct profits from his video and the song overall as compensation. Juicy J has not released a statement about the lawsuit just yet. But once the lawsuit hits the court room, i’m sure he will have something to say.

Watch the subject of the lawsuit that we know you love below.

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