DMC Discusses New Graphic Novel At NY Comic Con [VIDEO]

“I’m DJ Run I can scratch/ I’m DMC I can draw!” Those words from RUN-DMC’s 1985 classic “King of Rock” almost seemed like a footnote in the list of boasts they peppered their rhymes with. But almost 30 years later Darryl McDaniels’ revelation is coming to the forefront. The Queens NY Hip-Hop legend and Rock Hall of Fame inductee has turned his love of drawing and art into his own publishing house, Darryl Makes Comics, and DMC #1, the first full length graphic novel is completed.

The story revolves around a neighborhood superhero in the 1980s named DMC who teaches grade school by day and battles the city’s villains and vigilantes by night wearing an Adidas track suit and trademark four-finger rings. DMC was joined at special panel at New York Comic Con by the book’s Editor-In-Chief, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Senior Editor Riggs Morales, Graffiti artist Carlos Mare (Mare 139) and Mark Davis of the Mad Twiinz to give some insight into the inspiration for the book.

Watch an exclusive clip of the discussion below:

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