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Iggy Azalea May Face An Assault Charge After Run-In With Paparazzi

Iggy Azalea was going about her business at a supermarket when paparazzi showed up and followed them around to snap some live-action photos. However, the Grand Hustle femcee and her friend didn’t take the breach of personal space well. While her friend started yelling at the two photogs, Iggy decided to go in on the paparazzi, nearly ramming her shopping cart into them.

Apparently, the Aussie musician had seen the pair following her at several places she went to throughout the day and asked politely for them to leave prior to arriving at the supermarket. After being fed-up with the situation, Iggy told off the invasive duo and even wished Ebola upon them.

While there were no violent incidents, the photographers claim that they have her and her friend on film spitting at them, which is considered assault in California. The video of the incident makes Iggy look terrible, but I’m sure the film started rolling after the incident began. Watch the short clip of the grocery store showdown here.

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