Cam’ron’s “Hey Ma” Lyrics Get Guy Laid On Tinder

Camron Hey Ma

Here is something that makes us happy and sad at the same time. According to a post on, a creative guy on Tinder decided to finesse a potential hook-up using the lyrics from Cam’ron’s 2002 hit, “Hey Ma.”

Him: I know what ladies like

Her: Oh yeah? What’s that

Him: A man that’s polite, listens and takes advance

Her: Is that what ladies like? I prefer douchey assholes with nice cars

Him: I usually have a problem with chicks, they say that I’m rotten and rich

The exchange results in her actually asking him where he lives so she can come over. This has to be the most pimptastic move of 2014 but it makes you wonder if he was this smooth or was she just that horny. Either way the bar has been lowered for sex efforts moving forward.



Peep Cam’ron’s song and the lyrics to “Hey Ma” after the jump:

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