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Tomorrow, on Friday, October 17, Marshall Mathers turns 42 years old. He doesn’t seem quite that old, as he’s still making gay jokes and shooting up middle fingers, the same jokes and fingers that once made him a pin in pop culture’s backside. 15 years ago he was controversial. Today he’s rap’s biggest star – by a long shot.

For almost two decades, Eminem has been putting music into the world, and he’s always managed to change from one album to another. His first three LPs found him slithering through a trifecta of similar but detached personalities that were both at war and in harmony with each other. Now, as Shady XV, the compilation album dropping November 24th, nears its release date, an uneasy question lingers in the minds of Eminem fans – is his final album on the horizon?

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While his passion for solo projects seems to be dwindling, we can’t help but remember the classic albums he gave us. To celebrate Eminem’s 42nd birthday, we formulated the official ranking of his discography. Note this only includes his pure solo projects; no compilations or group projects were included in these rankings.

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