Wiz Khalifa And Future Prove The Emotionally Stunted Have No Chill


Writer Shenequa Golding weighs in on Wiz Khalifa and Future’s new song “P*ssy Overrated”…

Rappers Wiz Khalifa and Future have teamed up for the Mike WiLL Made It produced single titled “P*ssy Overrated”

To give you some back story on the latest with these two, Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz after she allegedly caught the Blacc Hollywood emcee cheating on her with twins. Ciara was engaged to Future, but gave him his ring back after the two tried to work it out amidst rumors he cheated on the “Body Party” singer with his stylist.

Both men end up single–allegedly due to not being faithful–and they react by making a song titled “P*ssy Overrated.”

Instead of saying “I messed up,” they point the blame at their one time wife and fiancee respectively and chalk up their failed relationship to lackluster cooch.

This is among a bevy of reasons why I don’t listen to “popular rap” or “mainstream hip-hop” anymore. But more importantly, this is what I like to call f*ckery, pure unadulterated f*ckery.

We are doing our young men a grave injustice by not teaching them to be accountable for their actions, and also not showing them and encouraging them to properly work through their grief in a healthy way.

Stop raising weak boys who grow up to be weak, emotionally stunted older BOYS, because actions like this are not what sound adults–whether you’re a man or a woman–do. This “song” from these two “artists” is nothing more than a temper tantrum.




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