Afroman Remakes “Because I Got High” To Defend Legalization Of Marijuana

Afroman is coming to the defense of that green plant that got him his original 15-minutes of fame. If you’re unfamiliar with the notorious song about weed, Afroman described ditching every responsibility under the sun like attending court dates and even pleasing his woman “because he got high.” But now 13 years after putting out his memorable tune, “Because I Got High,” the rapper is revealing the truth about the beneficial uses for the plant.

Afroman teamed up with the help of dispensaries Weedmaps and non-profit marijuana advocacy group NORML to release a new pro-weed version of the hilarious single. He flips the negatives, like smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption, into positives because of Marijuana. He also adds in benefits of legalization like additional state revenue and treating conditions like glaucoma and anxiety.

If legalization includes the ability to smoke a blunt in the streets while riding around on a couch, then we need to make like that Alaskan reporter and fight this fight! Watch the new version of “Because I Got High” here.

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