DJ Premier Makes Rap Debut On “U Looz” Single [EXCLUSIVE]

Royce Da’ 5 9” and DJ Premier have been making great music a la cart for years, but are finally serving up their first full meal as a duo called PRhyme this December. The first look that the world got to see of the collaborative work was an abbreviated clip of the two hip-hop vets combing through Adrian Younge’s record store for vinyl inspiration. The then untitled piece ended with the lyrical warning shot from Royce that “this is for the real hip-hop n*ggas who would never ever ask me if I’m here to replace Guru.”

In the first part of their interview with WatchLOUD.com Royce explains why he felt the need to squash  the notion that he was attempting to replace Premier’s late partner in rhyme, Keith Edward Elam, aka Guru of Gang Starr, who passed in 2010.

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“The reason why I said that line is…you ever see the scene in ‘8 Mile’ where Eminem is battling the kid and he just kind of throws everything out there before he could say anything? That was my way of saying ‘Don’t even go there.’ This is a new situation. There is no way that I could fill those shoes. There is no way that I would even try. I got too much respect for my brother Guru and my brother Preem. This is a new thing that we’re doing and we don’t want to step into that realm.”

Premier goes on to reveal that the track is not an interlude, but a full song called “U Looz” and that Royce was actually feeling lukewarm about his verse at first. However, Premier liked it so much that he was inspired in a way that he’d never been before.

“When I heard it I went in the studio when he wasn’t there and jumped in and I spit a couple of bars, which you’re gonna see in the video we’re releasing this week,” says Premier. “It’s a longer version of the promo. So you’ll see me spit a couple lines then he jumps back in and we made a comedy thing out of it where he’s cracking on me because I’m attempting to rap. It’s more like an interlude but turned into one of the joints on the album.”

Is this first time DJ Premier has rapped? Not quite.

“I did a hook for M.O.P. on ‘First Family For Life’ but that’s because they threatened to beat me up if I didn’t do it,” he says laughing. “When I did the hook for ‘Breakin’ The Rules’ Fame wrote it for me and I recited it, just bugging’ out. [But] on ‘U Looz’ I make my debut.”

Watch the interview above and the full video to “U Looz” below:

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