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Jim Jones Will Drop “Vamp” Soda On Halloween


Another day, another business venture. While Killa Cam is providing us with custom face masks, Jim Jones is ready to take his career into another direction with the launch of his brand new soft drink. Jones has teamed up with Top Pop to release his “Vamp” soda. During his last stop on The Breakfast Club, Capo revealed that distribution for the soda will begin on Halloween in New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, California, Ohio, and Illinois.

Basically, the Dipset rapper is riding a new wave that he thinks more people will jump on in the future. While the soda business is an odd one for a rapper to consider, Jones believes that people will catch on to his grind in time.

“Soda is ageless,” said Jim Jones. “Everyone thought I was crazy when I started a reality show. Now everyone wants one,” said Jim Jones, “..Now watch.”

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