Son Gon’ Shine: Ranking The Rapping Offspring Of Your Favorite MCs

Sons Of Rappers

Words by Mr. Mecc

Hip-Hop has advanced to the point where some of our favorite rappers are literally giving birth to other rappers. But does talent always run in the family? Here is our ranking of a dozen offspring of rap veterans.

12) Young Dirty Bastard
Parent: ODB
Label: None
Notable Song: “Welfare”

Synopsis: His looks are his dad’s, his voice is his dad’s, his schtick is his dad’s… his skill though? His dad took that with him. R.I.P. When he teamed up with the son’s of Eazy-E and Big Pun (further down this list) for “My 3 Sons” he was clearly the odd man out, and not in the way his pops was.

11) JoJo Simmons
Parent: Rev Run
Label: None
Notable Song: “Holy Water”

When he’s not getting hemmed up in the streets by Dipset affiliates, JoJo Simmons is hard at work proving that sometimes musical talent will indeed skip a generation. And he’s wearing a cummerbund while he does it.

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