5 Times Erykah Badu Won The Internet [VIDEO]


Erykah Badu may be an “analog girl in a digital world,” but our favorite oracle moves around the proverbial matrix like she owns it. In an era where everyone is trying to go viral, Ms. Badu is organically being her amazing (sometimes misunderstood) self, and lucky for us, she presses record and we get to see the awesomeness play out.

Last week, Erykah put her vocals to the test to see how much money she could earn singing on the streets of New York. As a professional musician who sings live for a living, one would expect she’d walk away with thousands, or at least rent money for the month. Ironically, she only came home with three dollars and six dimes. (Disclaimer: If you’re too young to understand the irony in this, at least have enough respect to pretend like you do)

We here at decided to take a moment and honor Erykah for her authentic Internet savvy. Not only does she always increase your page views and unique visitors by simply being her amazing one-of-a kind unicorn self, but you can always count on E to give you a good laugh while doing it. Check out the five other times Erykah Badu won the Internet.

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