17 Questions Millennials Have About ’90s Music Videos

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No matter what anybody tells you, the ’90s was the golden era of music videos. The economy was doing well and labels had money to blow. They were handing million-dollar budgets on any artist’s whim and because of that the record industry is in the crapper now. But that’s another conversation. With the resurgence of the ’90s in pop culture, millennials are being introduced to the songs and videos many deem classics, but it’s causing some confusion. Peep some of the questions millennials have about the music videos of the ’90s.

1. Why are all of theses R&B groups in full suits for no reason?

I need to know how there weren’t that many fights on the set between group members. They were wearing full suits in the hottest places like the desert or the beach. Why is a full suit beach attire? Explain.
Example: Troop – “Spread My Wings”

2. How come the remix videos were better than the original ones?

The ’90s was the peak era for the remix video. But why were all of the remixes–both songs and videos–better than the original ones? Prime example, not one person can spit Jadakiss’ verse on the original version of Mya’s “Best of Me,” but you damn sure get hype when you hear Jay Z say, “Yes yallin!” (Yes, we know this came out in 2000 but this exampled still stands).
Jay z and Mya

3. How come my house parties never look like this?

Seriously, why do the parties in the videos look better than the ones I’ve been to?! Do I need to call in Hype Williams or Mr. X to direct the festivities because they always make the party videos seem way too dope.

4. How come all of these high school kids look 30 plus?

Seriously, Mya was 17 when she hit the scene with “Movin On,” but all of the actors in the clip looked like they had children getting ready to head off to their own proms. But Mya’s fine enough to suspend belief for three minutes.

5. Why the hell did y’all allow Nokio to pour hot wax on himself in Dru Hill’s “In My Bed”?

For their second single, Sisqo was back with his spot on K-Ci of Jodeci impression, but Nokio stole the show using only a candle, a platinum chain, and unparalleled body-rolling skills.
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