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Photo Evidence May Link Troy Ave With ILoveMakonnen’s Assailant

Drake’s new artist ILoveMakonnen was randomly attacked while he was performing at SOB’s on Tuesday (Oct 21). The latest OVO sensation was performing alongside Rae Sremmurd and didn’t even see the attack coming. Makonnen reached out to a “fan” for a dap but got something completely unexpected.

The man pulled him down, sucker-punched him a few times and then ran away. While a couple guys on stage tried to go after him, the man managed to escape the venue and was not caught. However, that didn’t stop the “Tuesday” rapper from performing. Makonnen was able to get himself together and kept the show going until the end of his popular single. Shortly after the show, the OVO rapper tweeted:

Though it’s unclear if he’s directly referring to the incident, it looks like he cares more about the support of his fans than the petty incident. Check out how it al went down in the video here.


It looks like Troy Ave’s goon has been ID’ed as the assailant in the SOB’s attack on ILoveMakonnen. According to Eben Gregory, Troy’s manager Hovain took to Twitter to try and put out the fire of rumors that BSB was involved in the attack last week. After denying their involvement several times, Hovain did what he could to make himself clear.

That’s when a mystery Twitter detective raised some logical points. While the user is no longer on Twitter, the tweets support the claim that Troy did have something to do with the incident.



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