Joe Budden Preps For New Album With “OLS4” & “Dream On”


Now that we’re a few weeks removed from his partner Joell Ortiz’s album, House Slippers, Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden is up next to shine. Budden has been steadily prepping for the release of his solo album, Some Love Lost. His next body of work will hopefully outshine his previous work over the past four years. His first single off the album picks up from his “Original Love Shit” saga, which fell off in 2011. “OLS4” with a new sound that tells a familiar story about his failed relationship with the infamous Tahiry.

Last night, Budden released the next single off the album that thankfully strays away from his usual rants about love. Joey reminded us why he got into this business in the first place as he outlined his dreams, aspirations and all the struggles that come in between on the Darknight & 8 Bars-produced track “Dream On.” Some Love Lost drops Nov 4 but you can listen to both singles here.

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