The DIARY: @Dee1Music On His #MissionVision To Touch The People

Dee-1 Tuskegee

Dee-1 Tuskegee

How far can you travel in four years? It depends on the path you take. New Orleans MC David Augustine, Jr. aka “Dee-1” has been laying tracks in the mud since his 2010 video and song, “Jay, 50 and Weezy,” where he boldly took the rap vets to task for misusing their influence. This put the one-time middle school math teacher on the radar or CNN, Billboard and ESPN, which he followed with several mix tapes including Psalms of David in 2013. Now he has signed a deal with RCA Inspiration and has an appearance in the 2014 Cypher for the BET Hip-Hop Awards. In short, Dee has lived many rapper’s dreams already, but he is more interested in waking up.

“My man just came to me and said I remember you from the ‘Jay 50 and weezy video.’ I shocked the world with that video. People still remember that image when they saw it. 1500 days been passed since then. I been through a lot and I’m in a space where more people know me than ever, but I feel like I should be further along and that’s been messing with me lately,” he tells WatchLOUD.com. “I done ran through different teams, people done stole from me, but I also feel like I’ve been blocking some of my own blessings. God is using me to change people’s lives so he ain’t gonna elevate me to where I’m supposed to be if I mess it up. I think that Cypher was the last straw because the way I felt after that, I felt I might just quit if I can’t go to the great level. Being good is cool, but I could be great at being a Middle School teacher. I didn’t get to the four-yard line to get stopped. I’m ready to score that touch down.”

In the next installment of WatchLOUD’com.s “The Diary” Dee-1 takes us through several milestone moments leading up to the release of his new EP, 3’s Up.

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