VERSE BEHAVIOR: Rapsody Explains Lyrics From Her “Beauty And The Beast” EP


In a time where it seems like the less clothes you have on equals more talent for female emcees, Rapsody chooses instead to be lyrically naked, offering content without compromise that leaves listeners exposed, and changed.

Under the tutelage of 9th Wonder, the 26-year-old North Carolina native is using her time in the spotlight to provide a balance for the listeners prefer verbal intercourse over aural sex.

The Beauty and the Beast EP is the follow-up project to her critically acclaimed She Got Game mixtape, and the prelude to her upcoming album. On this one she’s looking to further her campaign and give options to those seeking variety in the music, especially young ladies.

WatchLOUD.com got the opportunity to speak with the woman herself so she could give us an in depth perspective on some of the best lines from Beauty and the Beast in this week’s Verse Behavior. Let’s take a look..

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