Drake Drops Three New Songs, Which One Is The Best?

Drake Birthday 2014

Drake has been celebrating his October 23rd birthday all week between playing ski ball with his boys and trolling Tyga on Instagram, but he dropped a present on his fans in the form of three new songs: “6 God,” “Heat Of The Moment” & “How Bout Now.”

He set up the drop with a this teaser Tweet Saturday afternoon (“You should probably keep an eye on that in the next hour…just saying..”) that had most of his fans hitting refresh on his website like…

Jim carrey keyboad So should you download these or wait for his album?

“6 God” (produced by Boi-1da and Syk Sense)

Drake is extremely aware of his grip on the rap game right now and wants to make sure you remember. I refuse to use that F word that has taken over that rhymes with “leak” but that pretty much sums up his attitude on this one. Check Twitter and Instagram for a trail of blood because all of the subliminal shots fired definitely hit somebody.

“How Bout Now” (produced by Boi-1da and Jared Evans)

This is a signature Drake musical Snapchat (which actually leaked a little while ago) but now we’ve got the official mastered version. The Jodeci sample props up this humble brag disguised as a love letter to one of those girls that got away but evidently hasn’t changed her email address.

“Heat Of The Moment” (prod by 40)

40 provides a supple, silk sheet and candle light soundbed which Drake literally uses to read wannabe rappers for not finishing school to take up careers in music. At some point he realizes that this is supposed to be f*ckin music and turns his attention back to the woman in the room. The lyrics really don’t matter since this will most likely be sandwiched between Trey Songz’ “Na Na” and The Dreams “Falsetto” in every “Steak and BJ Day” Spotify playlist anyway.

“6 God” will definitely go in the club and has enough subliminal shots to keep gums flapping, but if we had to pick one out of the three, we’d say whoever leaked “How About Now” knew what they were doing. It’s got the perfect balance of Drake’s trademark confident-yet-wounded spit over an undeniable back-to-the-future beat.

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