Lil’ Wayne’s “Carter V” Is Reportedly Coming Out This Year

carter v thumb

Lil’ Wayne fans have been in a tizzy today because Karen Civil got word from the president of Young Money (who should be Mack Maine…which makes us curious why she didn’t use his name) that Carter V has been pushed back to an unknown date.

Most people who are looking forward to the album saw this coming. Numerous official websites and social media outlets were sticking with the October 28th date recently, but the “silent promo” strategy seemed more like a mixup than an official route. With today’s news, it doesn’t seem like Carter V has any solid release date.

But about a week ago, we picked up on a well-trusted hint on Twitter. A Boston writer named Maura Jonhston who is well known within journalism circles tweeted that according to the Young Money/Cash Money publicist, Carter V was in fact still slated for this year – just not the 28th.

Below is the tweet. We can’t say it’s official, but it’s as good a hint as any about when we can expect Wayne’s next album.


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