10 Hilarious NSFW Songs From “Drawn Together”


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In 2004, Comedy Central greenlit an animated reality show that would shock the world and at the same time make us howl with laughter. That show was “Drawn Together.” Part “Beavis and Butt-Head” and part every reality show out at the time, “Drawn Together” was a crude gem in the toilet humor treasure chest.

The show, which drew eight cartoon caricatures in one house to see what would happen when people stopped being polite and started getting real, debuted ten years ago today. Although it was canceled after only three seasons, “Drawn Together” has developed a cult following thanks in part to the low brow comedy and the musical numbers about any perverted thing you could conjure up in the recesses of you dirty mind.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of “Drawn Together,” check out ten of the most hilarious NSFW songs from the show. NSFW is in the title so don’t say we didn’t tell you to read this list with your headphones on.

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