Von Decarlo’s 5 Tips For Enjoying Basketball Season With Bae


Ball is back. The preseason sleepfest is coming to a close and the real games will soon begin to show which teams will go the distance this season. However, with cuffing season officially underway, those routine date nights will fall on routine game nights depending on the schedule. Your daily conversations will most likely be interrupted by an important notification from the ESPN app, but if your girl is anything like the multi-faceted and beautiful Von Decarlo, she can’t wait for it all to begin.

“I just get hype,” says Von. “I just get excited. I can’t wait for the start of games that actually count. I mean I like pre-season and it’s great to watch but at the same time, you know the games don’t really count.”

Relationship expert extraordinaire Von Decarlo is more than just a singer, producer, actress, comedienne and author. Above all, she’s an avid sports fan, especially basketball. Decarlo knows a thing or two about living up every moment of the season with the special someone. But there’s levels to this game of love & basketball. So instead of relying on a throwback romantic comedy for advice, we asked the expert about some ways you and your bae can enjoy the basketball season without ripping each other’s heads off.

With basketball season officially kicking off today, here are five tips to enjoying the season with your boo from Von Decarlo.

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