“Chicken Waings,” “The Big Tayback” + More Songs From “Black Dynamite” Season 2 [LISTEN]


Just two episodes in, and season two of “Black Dynamite” the animated series has managed to assault the senses with MLK sitting on an “whites only” toilet, pampered white slaves and a killer shark with a distinct taste for melanin-rich meat.

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Providing the soundtrack to this mayhem is Music Director Fatin “10” Horton along with the vocal stylings of Phonte Coleman of the Foreign Exchange. Tigallo has made spot-on parodies a staple of his musical repertoire (who can forget Percy Miracles?) so it’s no surprise that songs like “All You N*ggas Should Swim” and “Chicken Waings” are as hilarious as they are entertaining.   

Here are five animated hits from season 2 and we’ll be updating this post with new ones as they are released each week.

“Hardy Har Har”

“Black Dynamite Can”

“Whore Wash”

“Take The Train”

“Bussin Bitch” (Bussin At Em)

“It’s All F*cked Up Now”

“Thick Blouse”

“Jamaica” (Ratchet Remix)


“We Gon Fuck”

“That’s Not A Woman”

“Bi’s Trannie’s and Gays”

“Chicken Waings”

“Get Back”

“Let It Go”


“All You N*ggas Should Swim”

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