Cleveland Huddles Up For Lebron James In Emotional New Nike Ad [VIDEO]

Could this be one of the best ads Nike has ever done?

As Lebron tells the Cavs to come huddle, it’s as if the entire city of Cleveland, Ohio hears the call of their leader as images of people coming together float onto the screen. Eventually, everyone in the city is huddled up in public spaces, screaming in unison.

The ad has some emotional resonance with what’s been happening in the U.S. these past couple months. The images of people from all walks of life putting their arms around each other and screaming “Together!” is reminiscent of the civil protests that have sprung up around the country since the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. Intentional or otherwise, the ad reaches those depths carefully and elegantly. “Grind for this city,” commands Bron.

Watch the ad above, and if you’re a Knicks fan, try to avoid the Cavs game tonight.

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